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Ladies’ accessories such as handbags, purses, belts must definitely be in a wardrobe of each woman. They have a special role as they are intended to complete the look, to change it in dependence on the woman’s mood and sometimes they become a main zest of the look. Men keep pace with fashion too, placing great emphasis on convenience and usability. Of course, a high-quality and unusual make will draw attention to a person at once and will delight not only the owner itself but also the acquaintances’ eyes.

History of the B.M.S. Company’s Creation

In 1992 in Netanya, Israel, Michael Shapira set up the B.M.S. company. With time the family business turned into the largest manufacturer of leather handbags and other accessories in the country. Over the years the company developed and started to import its products around the world.

Maria Ionysh, a continuer of family business, was born in Odessa. The southern city with its multinational culture and unique local flavor has an impact on Maria’a creative work. Her distinguished style means aspiration for bright looks, search of originality all the time and usage of folk elements in design. Maria lived in Israel for some time and then backed to her home town to study all nuances of sewing. After acquiring knowledge, gaining invaluable experience and being inspired by new ideas, in 2010 she moved into Israel again to realize her potential.

Here she put all her enthusiasm into design and sewing of woman’s trendy clothes and other items. In 2016 Maria became a mastermind of creation of the new luxury brand «Monique» in which all gain knowledge was applied and accumulated ideas were implemented. Nowadays the firm releases not only handbags, purses, belts, pendants and other small accessories. High-quality, colourful and exclusive covers for diaries and passports and original leather accessories such as bracelets, earrings, necklaces and rings are also in demand.

By the way, the company extended its sphere and now offers leather decorations for home and car to customers. The firm’s success is also seen in sewing of high-end leather clothes such as trousers, jackets, corsets, waistcoats and other items. They also deal with tailoring and cutting of details of various degrees of complexity by customers’ orders.

How Accessories Are Made

Before sewing of handbags, belts and other smaller items a designer creates their sketches and thinks all the details over to make a product stylish, comfortable, fashionable and attractive. Much attention is given to materials and different insets and trimming. All products are made in the factory, which for 23 years successfully developed. At the next stage the sketch is turned into digital format. At the company factory there is the modern equipment, ply cutters, which cut out leather quickly and accurately under advanced sketches through the digital software. An operator must just follow the almost fully automated process, display leather fabricated parts and collect already cut finished pieces.

After cutting out all products are transferred to sewing workshop where the equipment from leading international manufacturers is also installed. The company doesn’t save on trimming and accessories so all makes manufactured look presentable and have high durability even in intense everyday use. The major requirement while releasing any accessories, even small ones, is the strict quality control. At the factory much attention is given to it because the firm has an outstanding reputation among business circles as well as clients. The control is implemented over all production stages, from selection of raw materials and sewing of a product to the moment of its release.

Product Line

The changeable fashion dictates its rules concerning design and colour of a product and texture of its material. Women prefer to have several handbags for all occasions: everyday, formal, small handbags, clutches, bags for tablets, travel bags and others. However, there’s time-proved classic, that is those things which remains popular regardless of the fashion. We offer different makes both made in classical style and trendy models. While choosing a handbag, here you always can match a belt or a purse. Finished original leather bijouterie can help you complete your stylish look. If you have an idea how to decorate your house with leather elements, we’ll gladly help you choose a certain colour and texture, advise the design and bring your ideas to life using our materials and equipment.

Here you can find everything, from clothes to accessories for cars. We even have a special tradition – an individual attitude to all our clients. Despite the fact that the products are released in lots, we’re open to individual cooperation. Regular customers praise our makes’ high quality and also an attentive professional approach to each person even if they seek assistance in completing only one procedure, e.g. design development, cutting out the details or just sewing.

Why It’s Worth to Choose Products from B.M.S. Company

The makes of our company will make your look eye-catching and they also will be comfortable and practical in everyday application.

Our advantages:

– we will customize the unique makes of genuine leather on your own design and will bring your ideas to life;

– we hand-tailor bags, belts, bijouterie and clothes for all sexes, ages and occasions;

– here you'll find a wide choice of finished products being notable for durability, endurance and lastingness;

– making products by order we take our customers’ desires concerning size, colour, design, etc. into consideration;

– we make self-coloured items as well as items with patterns;

– we offer makes wholesale and at retail.

We appreciate each customer. We’re glad to offer you our new collection and sure that you’ll praise its high quality and trendy design. If it’s difficult for you to choose something, we’ll help you decide on characteristics of the product you like.

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